G Tee Batting Tees

G Tee makes high-quality batting tees right here in the USA. A lot of their customers include MLB and College baseball teams throughout the country. When they approached us they had a very outdated online store with an outdated user-experience. We developed a new high-performance site with a clean and simplistic design that utilizes the latest techniques in user-experience and eCommerce customer funneling.

Additional Services

Banner Ads

We started out with a small retargeting and RTB campaign and grew from there and never looked back. After just 2 months 66% of their web traffic came from the banner ads and sales skyrocketed.

Business Email

G Tee was on a very antiquated email system that was hosted on a web server instead of an email server and used Outlook to manage the email. We migrated them to Google Workspace (previously GSuite) and integrated them with Outlook for a familiar feel for their company.